Among the ranks of countless European jewellers comes Harry Winston’s very particular brand of New York style, inspired by the seemingly limitless energy of the city that never sleeps. Harry Winston’s love of diamonds and their inherent beauty led to the creation of jewelry where the gemstone played a primary role, functioning as both the design element and the design itself. The cluster motif is based on setting fancy shaped diamonds at different angles to each other and within different planes, thereby amplifying the attributes that make diamonds the most prized gem of all. By setting the diamonds in this way, it allows the viewer to see only the fire, brilliance and spectral color emanating from each diamond and colliding into one another to create an unbelievably dramatic effect
We offer top quality Harry Winston Jewelry customized, including Harry Winston ring, Harry Winston earrings,Harry Winston necklace and Harry Winston bracelet, each diamond over 0.2ct from us will come with GIA certificate, we use diamond quality from VS to VVS in G color to D color or any other diamond quality as your required.

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